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4 Tips on How to Start a Balcony Garden at Your Apartment


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Dec 13, 2023
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Don't be fooled by the idea that only homeowners can have gardens. With the proper setup and a balcony or floor-level patio, apartment renters can take advantage of lush green plants and daily herbs. Whether you just signed a lease on an apartment in Newport Beach, California, or are searching for an apartment in Denver, Colorado, this ApartmentGuide article will propel your balcony to new heights with thriving plants. Now, let's get started.

1. Learn about your geographical location​

Understanding your location's specific climate and weather conditions is crucial for a thriving balcony garden. Research the average temperatures, sunlight exposure, and seasonal changes in your area to choose plants that thrive in your climate. This knowledge will help you select the right plants and create an environment that supports their growth, ensuring a flourishing balcony garden year-round.

Mary Henderson-Greene with Mary The Gardener shares how "determining the light exposure for your balcony garden is a critical factor for successful planting." She recommends watching "the sun and shade patterns throughout the day… as there are plants for every exposure."

2. Understand what your plants need for maintenance​

Consider the maintenance requirements of the plants you choose to cultivate on your balcony. Different plants have varied needs, including sunlight, water, and soil conditions. Take the time to learn about the specific care routines for each plant, such as pruning, fertilizing, and repotting, to ensure they remain healthy and vibrant. Tailoring your maintenance approach to the individual needs of your chosen plants will contribute to a thriving and visually appealing balcony garden.

3. Consider pollinator-friendly plants​

Enhance the biodiversity of your balcony garden by incorporating pollinator-friendly plants. This contributes to the overall health of your garden ecosystem and adds a vibrant and dynamic element to your outdoor space as you witness the beauty of these pollinators interacting with your plants.

When searching for pollinator-friendly plants, Alice Slusher with the Master Gardener Foundation of Cowlitz County in Cowlitz County, Washington, recommends cosmos, thyme, lavender, and zinnias alongside tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers as options.

4. Give your garden a design flair​

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your balcony garden by incorporating design elements that reflect your style. Consider arranging plants in visually pleasing patterns, using decorative pots, and experimenting with color schemes. Incorporate vertical gardening techniques, hanging planters, or trellises to maximize space and create an inviting atmosphere. Adding a design flair makes your balcony garden visually appealing and transforms it into a cozy and charming retreat within the confines of your apartment.

Benjamin Nau with Planswell shares how balcony gardens are "a great way to bring life and color to your apartment." He recommends "selecting pots of varying heights to allow for a deep, layered look in a small space."

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