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6 Tips for Designing and Decorating a Modern Apartment


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Dec 13, 2023
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Embracing the modern aesthetic in apartment design is more than a trend—it's a way to express individuality and sophistication in your living space. Whether you just leased an apartment in San Diego, California, or you're searching for your next Brooklyn, NY, apartment, this ApartmentGuide article will unveil six expert tips to help transform your space into a modern haven of style and functionality. We explore how to maximize space, utilize color palettes, select furniture, and incorporate decorative elements, all while maintaining the sleek, clean lines and minimalist ethos that epitomize modern design. Now, let's get started.

1. Take note of your apartment size​

Before embarking on your design journey, it's crucial to understand the dimensions and layout of your apartment. Maybe you live in a cozy studio, or you just rented a spacious loft, either way, tailoring your design choices to fit the space will maximize functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Holly Jones with Branson Upstaging shares how "it's important to properly align the scale of the furniture to the scale of the home." She cautions that "oversized furniture in a compact apartment will make it feel cramped." Therefore, be sure to take measurements before making purchases.

2. Begin with a neutral canvas​

A blank canvas sets the stage for a modern and versatile interior. Starting with neutral colors such as white, grays, and earthy hues, you lay a foundation that easily incorporates various textures, patterns, and accent pieces to reflect your space.

Principal designer Jennifer Lynn Arteaga shares how an apartment can be elevated with a modern flair by "selecting furniture in a neutral color palette." She shares how these larger furnishings will be enhanced with exciting "geometric rugs or abstract artwork."

3. Furnish with clean lines and natural elements​

Sleek, clean lines are a staple in curating a modern and contemporary look while maximizing visual space. Additionally, integrating natural elements like wood, stone, or plants adds warmth and texture.

Interior designer Jennifer Stephan recommends integrating furniture with straight lines to enhance your space's modern character. Items such as rectangular coffee tables, straight-leg armchairs, or contemporary platform beds are all examples of furnishings that can contribute to your modern apartment design.

Interior designer Conner Crawford shares how you should allow the "true nature of materials to speak for themselves." He recommends integrating materials such as wood, bricks, and metals while adding visual interest by mixing warmer tones and textures such as leather.

4. Integrate pops of color and personality​

Adding bursts of color and personality into your décor infuses energy and character into your space. Whether through vibrant accent pieces, artwork, or textiles, strategic use of color creates focal points and evokes particular moods or atmospheres tailored to your taste.

Dessie Sliekers, interior designer for Slick Designs, shares how you'll find flexibility and experimentation with varying modern aesthetics by keeping your "core elements natural and adding contracts with pops of color through artwork, area rugs, and accessories."

Artist and owner of Lavender Lotus Design, Angela Larson, shares how pops of color can be integrated through "colorful paintings and canvases, fun and unique pots, decorative mugs and wine glasses, or funky clocks, mirrors, and soap dispensers."

5. Create design illusions​

Incorporating various design elements, such as mirrors and drapery, can cleverly manipulate perceptions within your living space.

Interior designer Jessica Rivera calls home a "feeling" and shares how mirrors juxtaposed with layered textures can "cultivate a comfortable and inviting space," ultimately achieving that sensation. She adds how "incorporating mirrors can help bounce light around and help a space feel more expansive."

Rachel Bosley, senior interior designer for Lewis & Rose Interiors, suggests adding floor-to-ceiling drapes to your windows. By doing so, they will "add height to the space and frame the way natural light filters in." For a touch of luxury, Bosley recommends opting for drapes with a velvet finish.

6. Embrace minimalism​

Simplifying your surroundings through a minimalist approach fosters a sense of calm and clarity in your living space. You create a serene environment that enhances your modern aesthetic by carefully curating your belongings and focusing on quality over quantity.

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