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How to Use Mirrors on Doors to Boost Your Room’s Image


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Dec 13, 2023
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Filling the walls of any home is an exciting venture. Between personal photographs, artsy canvases and mirrors, the hanging options are endless with multiple ways to brighten up your space. When it comes to decorating a smaller room, however, strategic decorating is best for making the most of your space.

Mirrors are an excellent decorating hack because of their ability to reflect light which creates the illusion of depth. Perfect for rooms with little space and light, a full-length mirror can especially transform a room into a spacious oasis. Door mirrors are especially helpful in their damage-free nature, and great for renters looking to keep a room intact. We're unraveling decorators best kept secret for enhancing your space and creating a more inviting atmosphere, as we delve into the artful use of mirrors on your doors.

Small to spacious: The door mirror solution​

Source: The Container Store

We're unraveling decorators best kept secret for enhancing your space and creating a more inviting atmosphere, as we delve into the artful use of mirrors on your doors.

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Select your mirror size carefully​

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A full-length mirror is our favorite option when hanging or putting up a mirror on a door due to its size. The height of a full-length mirror offers up more visual interest and enhances light-reflecting capabilities. Most over-the-door mirrors are full-length mirrors that come with hooks to hang over the top of the door for easy, damage-free installation.

However, depending on the type of door, the preferred mirror shape can vary so feel free to get creative with what shape best fits your door and decor style.

Consider multi-functional mirrors​

When placing a mirror on doors that are frequently opened, consider mirrors with multi-function capabilities. Whether that's built-in storage on the back of the mirror or storage hanging from the mirror hooks on the other side of the door, there are limitless possibilities to enhance both practicality and aesthetics.

Place strategically​

For a door mirror to bring an open feel to a room, it must be placed in opposition to windows or other sources of natural light. It's important to also select doors that aren't near areas of clutter or mess as a mirror will only amplify and showcase these areas more. Some ideas of good placement include outside these doors; bathroom doors, coat closet doors, pantry doors or across sliding glass doors.

Don't overlook frames​

Source: Amazon

The frame of your mirror is the place where you can express your style and decorating preferences. Curate a vintage vibe with a tarnished gold framed mirror or go for a think white frame to create a minimalistic look. If you sit on the opposite side of the design spectrum and prefer loud and bold decor, a pink frame would match your desired maximalist aesthetic.

Arrange mindfully​

Maintain visual balance when decorating with mirrors. While they serve as fantastic decor pieces, a large mirror can also overwhelm a space when paired with other mirrors. Avoid overwhelming the space with too many mirrors, especially in smaller rooms.

If you want to create a mirror arrangement, focus on creating a harmonious cluster that complements the existing decor. Experiment with different sizes and shapes, ensuring that the mirrors contribute to the overall balance and flow of the room.

Reflect brilliance in your space​

Source: Amazon

Incorporating mirrors on doors is a versatile and stylish way to enhance your room's image. From creating illusions of space and maximizing natural light to incorporating statement designs and multi-functional features, mirrors offer a multitude of benefits beyond mere reflection.

By strategically placing and styling mirrors, you can transform your room into a stunning and functional space that reflects your unique sense of style. Experiment with these ideas to discover the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in your home.

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